Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Super Sweet 16

T'is the season for attending super sweet 16 birthday parties and also planning one for my daughter. Among her wish list items is a tiara. The girl wants to feel like a princess on her special day ! There are so many beautiful tiara selections from the accessories category below that it was really difficult to select just one. The prices are pretty reasonable too. For now, she's interested in this particular one but she may change her mind later on.

A teenager would know best what other teenagers want the most. According to my daughter, teens love gift cards. Hence be sure to review some of the gift cards offered. Teenagers these days love to buy digital music and hence you could buy a gift card for MP3 download. The gift card could be mailed to you, downloaded to your computer or emailed to you.

Amazon recently offered the computer cloud service which give you an option to save your purchased music permanently on their remote computer servers. This mean that you could purchase the music, save it on their cloud service and then download the music from the cloud service to your own computer later on. This is very useful because now you will always have a backup of your purchased item. If your own computer malfunctions, you could always recover your purchased item from the Amazon cloud service. I have tried the cloud service recently and find it easy to use.

Another advantage of the cloud service is that Amazon allows you to store your other digital music files, photos, videos and documents onto it using your Amazon account. These include music that you did not buy from Amazon before.  The amount of information stored will be restricted to the space available which is currently set at 5G at no cost to you. If you purchase a MP3 album from Amazon, that space is increased by 20G for 1 year. Hence there is no need to back up your important digital, video and document files onto countless CDs and other accessories that may be lost or damaged ! I myself have started backing up some of my iPod music to the cloud service. The music stored on the cloud service also provide you with music on the go when you are using a computer at your office, hotel room or internet cafe. You could log onto your Amazon account and then play any of the music selections that you have stored there previously.

     Of course, computer tablets such the Apple iPad MD328LL/A  (16GB, Wi-Fi, White) 3rd Generation
     or the Samsung Galaxy are extremely popular.
     An electronic reader like Kindle Fire HD 7", Dolby Audio, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, 16 GB - Includes Special Offers
     is another gift option.

 I have also found some beautiful bedding set that would add colorful splashes to the super sweet 16 birthday girl's bedroom as shown on the left. Surely she would have a fun time when she have friends sleep over among these delightful settings.

If you are planning a sweet birthday party or attending one, the gift suggestions below would surely melt the birthday girl's heart.

So far, how is your party planning coming along?  What are some of your gift ideas ?  Happy planning and shopping and many blessings for the sweet 16 birthday girl !